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Why hire a motorhome through Goboony?

  • 40% lower pricing than traditional rental companies

  • Choose from the largest fleet in New Zealand

  • Affordable NZ$150 deposit with our Carefree Travel insurance

  • Personal support

    (Mon - Fri 9am to 5pm CET)

  • Downpayment of only 25%

More than 10,500 travellers were ahead of you


The campervan owner told us in detail how the roadside assistance was arranged. That gave me a very secure feeling while I was on the road.

Joke went on a long holiday last summer with a camper from Goboony.


After our first campervan rental via Goboony, we were so enthusiastic that we bought one of our own! We have now placed it on Goboony with peace of mind and are very satisfied with the platform.

Pieter rented a campervan multiple weekends via Goboony.

Private Motorhome Hire

There are many motorhome rental companies in the UK, and for a moment you may think Goboony is just another name in that crowd… but we are actually different! Goboony specializes in private motorhome hire, getting motorhome owners in touch with future renters. Most motorhome owners only use their campervans a few weeks during the year, and for the rest of the time they are left unused. We find this an extreme waste, and we know that there are hundreds of individuals who wish to try motorhome holidays but simply can’t afford the time, money or space to own a motorhome. We aim to bring these two groups together and allow everyone to experience the freedom of motorhome holidays!

This freedom comes from the open road, the ability to go anywhere, stop anywhere. A trip that is not planned, it is lived! Alongside our desire for freedom, we also believe in careful spending and helping people earn something back from what they love. On Goboony you can rent a motorhome directly from a private owner. This benefits the owner, who gets an income, and the holidaymaker, who gets to hire a campervan or motorhome for holidays! The hiring party gets to rent at a price which is significantly lower than average compared to a big rental company. The owner also gets to earn whilst sharing their vehicle with a customer of their choice. You get to ask the private owner all the burning questions you have, and learn from the best! The role of Goboony is to bring you together, and to ensure our motorhome owners meet all legal requirements, and also to encourage both parties to review one another, ensuring motorhome holidays are safe, easy and enjoyable for all.

Do you want to have an adventure that is both personal and affordable? If so private motorhome hire with Goboony could be the way forward for you. Stop googling ‘motorhome hire near me’ and instead do a quick search on our site, your perfect vehicle is a few clicks away!

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