Italy, Cultural and Culinary Adventure

July 26, 2017 in Destinations

Tuscany, with its low hills covered in a marvellous array of olive trees, vineyards, isolated cypresses and old farm is but one example of Italy’s beauty.

The medieval villages, historic cities, and exquisite castles and churches are so widespread you can’t see them all. Combined with the beaches, spa, and ever-evolving fashion, it’s a country you’ll never be truly done discovering. 

If you are having a relaxing trip with a lot of time for good food and drink, Italy should be on your shortlist

Why go to Italy?

Simply because everywhere is good. It’s unique in that you don’t have to plan too extensively, because every option is good. You can reach the most stunning medieval villages via every country road, as well as find delicious food and drink on every street corner. It is also motorhome friendly, making it even easier!

In the north of Italy you will find the Dolomites. This mountain area is a beautiful area to travel with the motorhome.

goboony motorhomes blog italy dolomites


You can spend hours walking through all the narrow streets, but make sure you do not get stuck with the motorhome!

goboony motorhomes blog italy tight alley fiat

Each Italian village has its own church.

goboony motorhome blog italy village church

You can drive through beautiful vineyards

goboony motorhomes blog italy vineyard

The Dom is one of many amazing sights in Milan

goboony motorhome blog italy the dom milan

Tuscany is renowned for its rolling hills, which are splendid to drive through.

goboony motorhome blog italy tuscany

Townhouses are a classic feature of Italy

goboony motorhomes blog italy town houses

Cinque Terra consists of 5 villages which can be reached on foot only. Then park the motorhome nearby and follow the beautiful walking path along the coast.

goboony motorhomes blog italy cinque terra

Lake Como is one of the most mesermizing lakes in northern Italy

goboony motorhomes blog italy lake como

These imposing rocks can be found on the coast of Capri

goboony motorhomes blog italy capri


Park your motorhome on the campsite and enter the beautiful Venice by boat.

goboony motorhome blog italy venice