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5 Tips for Campervanning with Young Children

June 04, 2016 in Tips for Travellers

A camping holiday with your children is ideal for many families. In order to make your trip as big of a success as possible, try and keep the following tips in mind:

  1. Book the camping ground(s) nice and early as this means that you know where you stand and you do not have to look for another (nice!) campsite with a free spot on the day. This helps to save a lot of stress and avoids disappointment as you can pick your first choice sites! 
  2. Try not to move to a new campsite everyday. Whilst this is perhaps fun for you as a parent, it can be a lot less so for your children as a lot of the fun is in making new friends and playing around in the wilderness. Staying longer in one site means that you can explore more of that area, and in the evenings the children are free to play around with their new friends! Changing campsite too often can make you feel like you spend the whole holiday driving, instead of taking some time to enjoy your break.  
  3. Choose a campsite with a swimming pool. Success is guaranteed! 
  4. Make maximum use of your motorhome. You can take the motorhome right to your front door and cram it as full as you want with all the different things you may need for your holiday! Also think of what amenities you may want in your campervan, such as a toilet on board (ideal for the children on the road), a refrigerator, room to bring your bikes, good beds and heating or air conditioning depending on your destination of choice! 
  5. Choose a campsite which suits you as a family (think of size, ambience, camping facilities and activities offered) and in a location where there is enough to do in the surrounding area. 

We wish you a wonderful camping holiday with your family. Have fun and enjoy!