5 things to do in Dartmoor

February 28, 2018 in Tips for Travellers

Dartmoor is nestled in the heart of Devon and is a large stretch of moorland, perfect for fans of walking and nature. The following are some activities and ideas to help inspire you to make the most of this unspoilt gem of the South West.

Bring your dog to Dartmoor

A visit to Dartmoor is one of the best opportunities to bring your dog. Due to the huge sprawl of the moorland there is limitless fun for your canine companion, for whom the holiday will feel like it was organised with them in mind!

Goboony visit Dartmoor bring your dog camping

Go walking and hiking on the moor

As an area of natural beauty, walking on Dartmoor is widely regarded as a beautiful and at times breathtaking day out. Due to the wild (for the UK) environment of Dartmoor it is easy to lose and find yourself when walking in the sublime splendour of the moor. One of the most highly recommended walks is often referred to as the ‘war horse walk’, which essentially circumnavigating the small village of Meavy. The walk gets its name from the fact that the area was used as a location in the 2011 film ‘War Horse’ Steven Spielberg himself has expressed his astonishment at the natural beauty of the area!

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Cafes and tearooms in Dartmoor

What better way to round off a long walk in Dartmoor than sitting down to a traditional english tea. The area caters well to the beleaguered walker in need of a good cuppa with a smattering of establishments to be found across the moor with quintessentially rural names for these places like the Fox Tor Cafe, Badgers Holt and our personal favourite, The Hog and Hedge. A highly recommended place to grab a bite to eat is The Copper Kettle, a beautiful tea room and restaurant on the moor and the perfect place for you to treat yourself after a lengthy moorland hike

It might be near the end of the day by the time you finish your walk, so by all means do not leave out the possibility of having a pint at one of the local taverns.

Goboony visit Dartmouth tea sandwiches lunch

Stargazing on the moor

Teign Valley on the edge of Dartmoor is a great place to stargaze and go for night walks. You can expect to see a sky full of stars on a clear night with such low levels of light pollution. There is another wonderful spectacle to enjoy which are the owls badgers and various critters that come out during dusk and the evening. The terrain is agreeably flat in Teign Valley and is mainly comprised of grass and stony paths. There is one main slope on the route. Naturally, if it is dark it is important to be extra mindful of trip hazards, so that when you are looking up at the night sky, you do so on your own terms.

Goboony visit Dartmoor night sky stargazing

Horse Riding on Dartmoor

This activity simply had to make the list because how often can you go horse riding in the wild? There is  If you think you can hack it (pun intended) it is recommended to book in advance to make sure you will be able to find a trusty steed for the day.

Goboony Visit Dartmoor Horse riding moor Devon

Travelling Dartmoor by motorhome

This should come as no surprise that we would recommend visiting Dartmoor by motorhome. Doing so will give you an even wilder means of experiencing this rural paradise. Having the freedom to camp in various locations. There are so many locations to visit, making the utility of having a vehicle that doubles as accommodation. There is one important thing to note when taking a motorhome onto the moor. You will need to plan your route in a larger vehicle due to some low bridges and small roads. We think the ideal vehicle would be a more adventurous campervan, which will allow you the freedom of taking all of the roads, however you can still take a larger vehicle without issue with some planning. Dartmoor.gov has a very helpful info pack to ensure that visitors travelling in motorhomes take suitable routes and stay on the right track which you can find here.

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So there you have it! It’s time to saddle up for adventure and head to the heart of Devon for a holiday on the moor. Think it would be your cup of tea? We know it would be ours!


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