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5 Reasons to go on a Motorhome Holiday

June 13, 2016 in Tips for Travellers

Motorhome vacation

Of course a holiday in a luxury resort, where you are fully equipped with everything you think you need, is a wonderful trip for all involved. However, travelling by motorhome continues to grow in popularity throughout Europe and the world. Going on holiday in a motorhome not only gives a lot of freedom, but also has many other benefits that you may not expect! In this list we give you our top 5 reasons for going on holiday in a campervan.

1. Comfort

Motorhomes are available in many different sizes and designs, but what they all have in common is that they strive for comfort. Many motorhomes are equipped with various modern facilities such as a shower, kitchen, fridge and heater (in case you are travelling through a colder area). 

2. Budget

A motorhome is transport and accommodation in one. A camping site is a lot cheaper than a hotel room and because of the on-board kitchen you do not have to go out to eat somewhere every night. 

Budget trip

3. Space

When you go on holiday by car or plane, you often have the problem that you can't take everything with you. A motorhome provides enough space to take as many items as you'd like, such as an outside table, kitchen equipment, or even your bikes with you. In addition, your belongings are with you in one place for the whole trip, so no packing and unpacking at every new destination you go to. 

4. Nature, nature and more nature

While traveling by motorhome, you can enjoy all the hidden gems, wonderful open roads, (national) parks and of course all the mesmerising views along the way. You have the the freedom to quietly stop to take in the view or pose for a photo. 

Grand Canyon

5. The Beauty is in the Journey

No rush to the airport, long flights, queues at security, or hassle with luggage and suitcases. No flight times, bus timetables or arrival times at a hotel. With a motorhome you do everything at your own pace. A motorhome vacation strengthens your bond with your fellow travellers, because you are together for the whole trip. 

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